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Friday, August 29, 2008

What have I been up to??? Well....not stamping!

But maybe you can figure it out by looking at this picture? Yep, that is my youngest son, Adam and that enormous tower of Stampin' UP! boxes? Well, it doesn't contain stamps! This was a picture I took of him inside his new home away from home (e.g. the dorm apartment) when we moved him onto campus yesterday. Pretty easy to tell there is a Stampin' UP! rep in his family, isn't it? His roomie obviously had connections at Wendy's restaurant because he had an equally impression collection of Wendy's boxes!
At any rate, my "baby" has been safely delivered to the world of academia and now things are pretty darn quiet back at the ranch. It's not like this is the first time we have sent one off to school but it is the first time to come home to an "empty nest". The two dogs seem to be feeling about as lonely as I am right now. I'm sure we will adjust but it will take a lot of stamping to keep me occupied! Jan


Amy B. Phillips said...

You didn't say where he is enrolled, Jan. I don't know you but I must know. I love looking at other demonstrators' blogs. It's hard to imagine my boys and my baby girl going off to college! Good luck with that empty nest.
Amy Phillips

Jan said...

well, Amy...for his privacy and to prevent him being stalked by SU demos trying to mother him and make him feel at home, I purposely didn't mention where he's going to school but I will say that he is adjusting to life as a "Screamin' Eagle" if that helps!

If he finds out that I have pics of him on my blog, he will be horrified...lol! Jan

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