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Monday, September 22, 2008

Card Ministry!

I have been involved with a card ministry at my church, New Creation Presbyterian Church in O'Fallon, IL, for quite some time however for the past year or so, our attendance for this fellowship group has been very limited, sometimes only one or two of us...but you know what they say about "wherever one or two are gathered in His name", right?

Anyway, we decided to switch to an evening format and tonight was our first meeting and I was so thrilled to have 6 ladies (including me) turn out to make cards! One of the gals is new to our church but a diehard stamper, one of them had helped with our card ministry program before and knew what to do but isn't really a stamper...at least not yet! And the other 3 had not stamped to speak of but everyone did such a great job and I thought that it went really well. At least two of them are quilters so we will have to try a quilt card of some type for next time, I think they'll like that!

I didn't know how many people to expect so didn't want to "over do" but I had prepped for 40 cards or so and we were able to finish them all easily. We did about 20 birthday cards, 10 anniversary cards and about a dozen or so "thinking of you" cards. And we decided to meet monthly for now so next month we'll do more birthday and thinking of you and some more welcome cards for visitors.

The last time we met, we had made up some cards for our pastor to use (with A Light Unto My Path stamp set) and one of the ladies who attended mentioned that she had rec'd a card from him and it was fun to see him using the cards we had made for him.

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of the cards we made and share them with you. The light isn't good enough to get a decent (or even half way decent!) picture right now.

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Shellie G. said...

I'm starting a card ministry at my church. and I've thought about opening it up to other church members to help out. Your post has just assured me that I should. God bless!

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