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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who Who Whooooo wants candy corn???

Is this not just the cutest little owl ever? This style of "punch art" has been making the rounds all over http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/ so I had to figure out a way to use him too. This project is a "punch-a-holic" dream come true--thankfully I have all the punches needed to make it.
Since I had "invested" in two large Halloween size bags of the individually packaged candy corn to fill my "Spooky Spider" Halloween candy jar earlier this month, I figured that I should probably try to use up some of that candy lest I be tempted to eat it all myself!
Here is the final product. I made a little bag topper with a piece of pumpkin pie cardstock (I measured the width of the bag to get the width, then made it 2 inches long, folded in half it's one inch on the front and one inch on the back) then stapled that onto the candy corn bag for a base or "roost" for my little sorta feathered friend. Because I staped first, then attached the owl to the base with adhesive, it hides the staple nicely.
The curly label punch made the base of his face....punched it out of chocolate chip cardstock then folded lengthwise then attached to the topper base with Snail adhesive. on the front of his face I was careful to put the adhesive more along the fold than at the bottom which is handy later when putting on the wings and body. Trust me, you will be happy later if you remember this. Have you noticed how the shape of the curly label punch is so similar to the "Big Shot" Top Note die shape?
From there, he went together very easily! The 5 petal punch makes a perfect beak....I punched it out once in orange then snipped off the points of the petals to make 5 noses. Applying the nose first helped me figure the placement of the rest of his face when it was time to glue on his eyes.
For the eyes, I used the smaller circle punches....I believe it was the 1/2" circle for the whites of his eyes and the 1/4th " (standard office size punch) for the pupil. To attach those, I used my handy dandy Two Way Glue Pen and applied the adhesive on the face where I wanted the eye to be rather than putting the adhesive on the eye and then trying to hit it accurately. First the white of the eye (ok, the sclera for those of you are into anatomically correct names) then another dot of the 2 way glue pen for the pupil (the little black or dark brown part).
Next his fluffy looking body! I used the circle scallop punch for his body and wings. A full scallop punchie of Creamy Caramel makes the body which I tucked up under his chin then adhered. Now is the time to be happy that you put the adhesive near the fold line on the curly label punch, the body will slide under easily if the "face" is not fully glued down.
For his little wings, I used the scallop circle punch again, this time in Chocolate Chip. I snipped out a segment with 4 scallops for each of the wings and used my scissors to "round off" the sharp point where I cut it out of the center of the scallop. Then I tucked each wing up under his chin on either side of his body.
This is just the cutest little guy...and if you punch and put him together assembly line style, you can make a few pretty quickly. At our card ministry gathering earlier this week, we made cards and put together some "care packages" for our college students so naturally we had to enclose a little bit of silliness and made Owl candy corn packages for them. I figure the boys will roll their eyes, rip off the owls and eat the candy corn while the girls will say, "oh, he's too cute to eat!". Since 2 of the boys getting care packages are my sons, I can guarantee they will open the bags and eat the candy corn without the slightest hesitation!
Now I have to run downstairs and assembly line some owl baggies real quick to give to my friends tonight at a meeting. Hope you have fun with this cute little owl!

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Melzie said...

Love the owl-- TOO cute!!

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