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Monday, May 11, 2009

And here is the proud grad in cap and gown (along with the proud parents!)

Not sure why, but somehow this particular post got stuck in my edit folder and never posted on my blog. This was taken at my son's college graduation on May 9th...he will be leaving next week for duty as a new Army officer and we'll be down to only one left at home....or sort of at home, at least for the summer. Anyway, we will now resume the previously planned broadcase, a little later than planned!

Last night I posted for the first time in just about

FOREVER and promised that I would share a pic of my husband and I will our just graduated son in full graduation regalia...so here it is! I loved that there was a great willow tree right on the edge of the parking lot to his apartment...sure makes the photos look nicer than if we were backed up against the wall of his brick apartment building "firing squad style" or worse yet using the inside of a male college student's bachelor pad as the backdrop for precious family memories. Trust me when I say that is NOT a scene I care to see again anytime soon! And this from one of the world's most disorganized people...apparently the apple doesn't fall very far from the tree???

But now back to the wonderful world of stamping!!!! And thanks for bearing with me as I bragged a bit about my family! For the past few months I have been holding a "Budget Buster Big Shot Club" meeting where everyone gets to come and learn how to use the wonderful Sizzix Big Shot machine. We make a few projects at class and I send everyone home with a "challenge" piece to convert into some manner of stamp art and return with it the next month. That has been a lot of fun and apparently my Big Shot class attendees also enjoy it as they always ask "what's our new challenge???" when they come to class! So, as I promised them some time ago, I am going to share some of their great challenge ideas with you! But not today....maybe early next week! Don't forget to come back and check, ok?

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