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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tiptoe thru the tulips with me?

Some of you might actually remember Tiny Tim singing that song years ago and despite the fact that is not a pretty thought, somehow I just couldn't resist putting that on the title line! This tulip is yet another cute little project you can make using the owl punch....while it isn't a "critter" this card will also be included in my Critter Card Owl punch class this coming Friday. Of course, those who know me already know that I am not all that creative but I'm a darn good copycat so it should come as no surprise that this project was also inspired by another talented demonstrator who shares freely. Yesterday I shared Jackie Topa's website with the cute little moose....and while there have been many people coming up with the tulip idea, the first place I saw it was on Jackie's blog so I am giving her credit for the inspiration. I was surprised when one of my co-workers (not even a stamper...but maybe she should be??) saw one of the other punch animals and said, "you know, you could almost use that piece to make a tulip...." so it was pretty funny when the next card in the stack was exactly that...a tulip!

Anyway, thank you Jackie for the inspiration...you can visit Jackie's blog and see her version of the tulip by copying and pasting this link. http://jackietopa.typepad.com/addicted_to_stamping/2010/07/owl-punch-tulip.html

Hopefully you are having fun seeing the various card ideas using the owl punch...if so, I'd really appreciate it if you could show me a little love and leave me a comment telling me what you think. ;-) Happy stamping!


Jan said...

testing 1,2,3....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

Lela here :) (Actually, my first name is Janet :)

I love what you posted with the owl stamp. That pig is adorable! And the one with the wood background stamp is perfect.

I especially love seeing the wedding photos, after having heard so much about the wedding.

Thanks for posting them!


Lela aka Serenity_Stamper

Gail K. said...

You need some love, eh? Consider it given! :)
These are great cards Jan ... you're going to convince me I *need* that owl punch ... and I thought I could live without it!

Renée said...

pretty! What a unique use of the owl punch, Jan!

Kim P said...

I love this tulip! I do a little bit of punch art...looks like you are really having fun with it!

Barbara Becker said...

Thanks so much for the adorable card and for getting Tiny Tim stuck in my head singing Tiptoe Thru the Tulips.
Barbara (bb&kk)

Lola G. said...

Funny story about Tiptoe Through The Tulips -- the song came out when I was about 13 or so, and I decided to buy the 45 to include in a bunch of records being played at a party. To give people a giggle. It turned out that the song on the B side (I want to say it might have been titled 'Fill Your Heart') was sung in his natural voice, which was actually quite impressive.

Okay, that's enough trivia for one day...........

Anonymous said...

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