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Monday, July 14, 2008

Elegant decorator or crazy woman??? you decide!

I guess that I really should have made the title of this post something like "am I crazy or what??" but I'm afraid that my husband might read my blog and see an opening to agree with me! BUT...look at what I did to our refrigerator with the new Decor Elements line!

I had ordered the white Flourish set after I saw a sample of something similar online somewhere and thought it would look really cool on our new black fridge! Well, I still think so but the male members of the household...namely my husband and "the baby", our 18 yr old son don't agree with me and think I should take the vinyl decor swirlies off. Honestly...have they no class at all?

In our downstairs bathroom, I applied the "Live Every Moment" phrase...a little unusal for a bathroom but I thought it was a good reminder for everytime you look in the mirror and besides the only people who ever use that BR are my stamping customers and me. Well, almost the only ones....my son mentioned to me today that he went in that bathroom the other evening (which means sometime after midnight when most sensible people e.g. parents are in bed) and when he turned the lights on he saw the writing out of the corner of his eye and it startled him. Hopefully he really did see the "writing on the wall" or on the mirror as the case may be and will take it to heart. He is a great kid and I think that he is working hard and looking forward to going away to school next month but you still need to remember to "Live Every Moment", right?

Anyway, that's my crazy post for today. Maybe tomorrow I will put up a poll "should it stay or should it go" and I'm sure that my husband would be delighted to leave the flourish in place if the numbers indicate. ;-) Yea, right! Jan


Connie Stewart said...

Oh, don't listen to those MEN? What do they know? I think it look BEAUTIMOUS! Don't change a thing!

Love the Blog, Jan!!!

Debbi said...

I love it! I have a black and white kitchen but with white appliances. Too bad these do not come in black....do you think I can talk DH into new appliance so I can buy White flourishes? ;)

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