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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Yes, it's true...my wonderful parents celebrated another anniverary today, they have been married for 56 years to the day. This is the card I sent them for their anniversary...can you think of a better reason to celebrate??

This card was inspired by a cardfront sample I received as a swap at Leadership in Palm Springs this past January, it was a similar style of card but done in other colors and with different images.

What a piece of cake to make....all you need is the large star punch, cardstock and some clear packing tape (like moving men use to seal up boxes) and of course, a tiny spoon of Dazzling Diamonds glitter...just a little dab will do ya!

I had to play around a bit for the sizing but eventually figured out about where to center up the star. So to make the glitter star you need a blue of Brilliant Blue cardstock, a slightly larger piece of white cardstock. Punch the star out of the middle of the blue c/s then cover it with a piece of the clear packing tape. It doesn't matter which side you pick so don't worry about that. Dunk some glitter onto the sticky side of the packing tape then shake it off. Layer the glittery star cut out onto the white with the glitter side out, then go on to design the card however you like.

Since I love the patriotic look of red, white and blue, I focused on that using the jumbo wheel Classic Stars to wheel Real Red stars onto Real Red cardstock for a subtle starry background. Then I stamped the "Celebrate" image from Celebrate Everything on the bottom portion of the card with Brilliant Blue craft ink (it shows up better that way as the ink doesn't sink into the cardstock and the color stays more vivid. ) Of course, what better backdrop than a nice crisp white card base??

I decided to make the card real quick the night before I left for convention so I could get it in the mail in time to surprise my parents before they left for a little vacation and it went pretty quickly, I was so happy with the outcome that I decided to whip up a few more to take to convention and swap. Using the wheel for the background made it a snap...my black lab dogs were very patient and sat at my feet watching while I was making the cards so I ended up doing about 25 cards total...yes, I was procrastinating as usual since I didn't want to deal with packing! Anyway, when I finished a stack of cards, I guess the dogs and I were all looking a bit sparkly. As we emerged from the basement stamp room, my husband just looked at the three of us, shook his head and said "hello there, glitter faced girls". Now everytime I see glitter, I think of my glitter faced girls Pica and Pepper. They aren't into stamping but they don't mind keeping me company while I play and Pica helps me clean up by munching on any paper scraps that hit the floor. Maybe I can get them to pose for a picture next time I pull out the glitter???

The cards were pretty simple but seemed pretty popular for swapping...guess that red, white and blue color scheme is always a hit! I hope that my parents liked it too and weren't too shocked to get their card from me a week early. Did I mention that my maiden name is DeLay?

Ok, so I have chattered on for long enough this evening....I have some things to do to get ready for church tomorrow and I might sneak a few minutes to finalize my list for the new catalogue order which I plan to place on Monday at 12 noon Mountain time but who's counting??? Jan

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