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Friday, October 3, 2008

ahhh, convention memories.....

I am not home this week as my husband and I are visiting our oldest son at Luke AFB in Phoenix, AZ as he graduates from the F16 "Top Dog" training squadron so I don't have any stamping supplies with me (gasp! it's true!).

Rather than venturing out in the mid-day sun to observe my husband and son play golf in between the family "meet and greet" breakfast this morning and the formal ceremonies this evening, I opted to hang out in our air conditioned (did I mention we are in Phoenix?) hotel room and get a little work done. While making some computer updates, I happened upon this GREAT photo collage which evoked fond convention memories of the 2008 SU convention in Salt Lake City. This photo was shared with me online by someone whose name I didn't quite get. If this is YOUR photo, please do let me know so I can give credit where credit is due, ok?

At any rate, my absolute FAVORITE photo of the whole convention is the UPS truck with flames painted on the side. Not your every day sight, but during the convention closing ceremonies, SU and UPS delighted all convention goers by sending a very nice official (yes, really he was a genuine "Man from Brown") Mr. Brown out on stage to speak with Shelli, our SU President and Co-founder to present a gift to all of the demos in attendance. Of course, if you are reading this then you are most likely a stamper and will understand how very motivated ALL stampers are by those magic words, "FREE STAMPS" so you can only imagine the commotion which ensued when UPS presented each and every person in attendance (more than 7000 people, I believe) with a free Ronald McDonald House Charities "Say It With Scallops" stamp set.

The middle picture was the "flaming" UPS truck actually driving out onto the stage followed by real live UPS personnel jumping out carrying huge UPS shopping bags FULL of stamps FOR US!!! Of course, the bottom picture is the ensuing celebration when confetti rained down from the ceiling onto jumping, screaming, squealing and just generally ecstatic demos waiting to get their free stamps. What a scene to remember!!!

It's been several months since I returned from convention so it was fun to take a little walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing this convention memory with me! If you are an SU demonstrator, then definitely start making plans to attend convention in August '09 year...if you aren't a demonstrator but would be interested in more information about becoming one and sharing the convention excitement with my team in '09 then please contact me for more details about the great $99 recruiting promotion currently being offered by Stampin' UP! thru mid October. There has never been a better time than right now to sign on the dotted "cyber line" using the online recruiting feature. Happy Stampin'! Jan


Lisa Page said...

I do like the photo collage. I didn't get nearly as good quality of photo shots when I was at convention. I have lived in Tucson twice in my life (Air force brat- my father was a pilot- T-38's, I think and B-52's). It does get hot there! But I'll take that dry heat anytime over this humid heat here in Texas. Also, just day before yesterday I realized that "Inkersaway" was a play on "anchors away". Do ya think it took me long enough to realize that? LOL I'm a ditz!!!
Have fun in AZ- sorry you don't any supplies with you- good luck on the withdrawal- LOL!

June said...

Ahhh, it's a small world! I live in Gilbert, which is on the other side of Phoenix, although I've been to LAFB many times as my dad was in the Air Force. Many congrats with your son! Job well done!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane - I attended convention too and the UPS truck was one of the highlights of my trip too! The whole experience was fun and inspirational - well worth it!!! TFS the memories!

Eileen said...

Oh, Jan, convention must have been so much fun! Thanks for posting the picture of the flaming UPS truck. That is one convention story that I hadn't heard!

Sara Mattson-Blume said...

SO awesome. I remember it vividly. Thanks for taking me back there!

Congrats on your son's accomplishments!

Dina said...

The photo is from the SU highlights website

I am in it (you have to know where I am)

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