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Friday, October 3, 2008

Who are those handsome gents???

See, I told you that I was in Phoenix for an aviator graduation! The handsome gent in the bottom left corner is my husband and the handsome young man in the flight suit is our oldest son, Matt. He was giving us the "grand tour" of the F16 aircraft he has learned to fly...he thinks it's cool, my husband (a retired Navy helicopter pilot) thinks it's very cool and me? Well, I waiver between being a very proud Mom and a little nervous about his career choice. Hey, I'm a Mom...remember? But interestingly enough, I didn't worry about my husband when he was on flight status...well, not much anyway. What I can say??? But I'm sure that old saying about "a wing and a prayer" was coined by an Airdale momma!
We finished our tour early and took an afternoon break but this evening will have the pleasure of the fancy graduation dinner so more than likely I will be taking more pictures and maybe will have a close up of our young gentleman (call sign "Therapist"...long story, you don't want to know!) in his dress uniforms.


Carrie said...

I can understand how you'd be nervous about your son's career choice! Mine don't have careers yet, unless you call grade school a career!

Eileen said...

Great picture, and congratulations to your son! What a fabulous career choice. I know it makes you nervous; I'm dealing with the same thing. Look at it this way.... at least your son is going to be flying the plane; my son wants to jump out of them! 8^O

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