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Sunday, August 1, 2010

almost forgot the wedding photos!

Yesterday I promised to share photos of my two older son's wedding photos....and I almost forgot! Our middlest child, Josh and his beautiful bride Kelsey tied the knot on June 27th in Jacksonville, IL....the first photo is of the two of them.

A mere 6 days later, our oldest son, Matt and his lovely bride, Danielle, got married in Grand forks, N.D. ....you may be wondering, "what were they thinking???" and that is a good question! The June wedding was scheduled well in advance and the second wedding planning didn't start until after new Year's. Since both boys are in the service, scheduling can be an issue. Matt is in the Air Force and was stationed in Korea with orders to go from there to Japan (which he hadn't expected) so since he was going to be home on leave for his brother's wedding anyway, they were able to make it work for a July 3rd wedding in North Dakota. Hopefully that makes sense...but the bottom line was that they both had their weddings and it all worked out ...Josh, the first groom and his bride were unbelievably gracious and postponed their honeymoon until after Matt's wedding so they were able to be in each others' weddings. And our family has now welcomed two lovely young ladies into our previously testosterone heavy family.

So, that's the crazy story of two weddings in a week....thankfully the parents of the groom don't have as many responsibilities as the parents of the bride and we were able to get from one wedding to the other with enough time in between to go home, do laundry and repack! Then we came back home, did some more laundry and then I headed off to the Stampin' Up! convention....what a whirlwind summer!


Smiles, Laurie said...

Congratulations on getting it all together for two such special events in your life! They look soooo happy! I wish them all the best!

Cindy Major said...

That must have been quite a week! Congratulations to the two lovely couples!

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