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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm feeling the butterflies....OR do you color coordinate postage stamps with your cardstock?

I know, I know....you probably think I'm crazy!  But seriously, I didn't do this on purpose and no, I don't USUALLY color coordinate my postage stamps with my cardstock but when serendipity happened I couldn't resist taking a picture of it!  The Early Espresso and Pumpkin Pie cardstock colors are perfect Fall colors and what you are seeing in this picture is my Thanksgiving cards stacked up and ready to mail out....now, don't worry, I did mail them BEFORE Thanksgiving and when I had them stacked on the kitchen counter ready to mail I couldn't help but notice how perfect the butterfly stamps were with the cards.  These are 64 cent stamps which is the amount of postage required to send "non-machineable" cards with clear envelopes, bulky "embellishments" or both...and I love the butterflies!!!

I went to bed early last night (totally unlike me!) so when I spontaneously woke up at 0430 this morning (also totally unlike me! didn't want you to worry that I had lost my mind and actually set my alarm for that outrageous hour) I figured that I would just get up rather than staying in bed.  So, I shoveled off the clutter on the kitchen counters and island (does that stuff just grow there overnight?) then figured I would update my blog and upload photos I took yesterday.  When I uploaded the photos, I stumbled across this pics taken just prior to Thanksgiving so that is why you are just now seeing this. Scroll down to the next post if you want to see the front of these cards.

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