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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

They are back and they are bigger!

Remember the puppy picture I shared back in early September when my son and his wife brought the grandpuppies home to visit?  Well, guess what....we saw them again over Thanksgiving and yes, they have definitely gotten bigger!  Couldn't resist sharing a picture or two!   

They are still stinkin' cute and not fully grown but have picked up one bad habit, apparently they believe the couch is for everyone to sit on.  Our two adult labs looks very confused when the puppies were racing around on the couch when they are not extended the same honors.  Hard to explain that one!  Note the smaller black dog sitting on the couch while the two larger black dogs are wagging tails hopefully?   Please disregard any clutter on the table, this is about dogs not my housekeeping skills!

This dog is Lucy being held by my son in hopes that I can get a photo. She looks much bigger when you pick her up then when she is on the floor, or even on the couch. The puppies are a little more than 6 months old now and weigh about 25 lbs each, my son is hoping they won't get too much bigger. We'll see about that!

And the last photo (below) is a picture of me with both pups when they first came to visit over Labor Day week-end. 
Thanks for looking! 

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