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Monday, April 7, 2008

CK Convention

What good is a post without a picture? Here is a photo of me and two stamping friends taken at the CK Convention. I'm on the left side, my friend Sharon M. is in the middle and my other friend, Joni D. is on the right. Don't we look happy to be shopping? I ran into several other friends while I was there and I know of many others who attended but I never saw them in the crowd.

Not that I am a dedicated scrapper or anything, but it was be fun to check out the new ideas at the Creating Keepsakes convention in Collinsville, IL at the Gateway Convention Center on April 4th. WOW...talk about a mob scene! The number of booths at the rubber stamp convention held in the same place last June paled in comparison to the scrapbook crowd, I was amazed! I thought about registering for a class but all of the ones I found of interest were already full by the time I checked the website for class availability.
I am happy to say that the only $$$ I squandered was on my lunch when we popped over to Ruby Tuesdays to take a little break and ended up sitting there talking for a long time after they cleared our table, but that's the fun part of lunch with friends.
At the convention, they had lots of great stuff on display....I enjoyed seeing all of the chipboard journals from Maya Road and the clear acrylic ones are fascinating but I haven't figured out how I would "organize" the photos in a clear book.
The Bind It All booth had gone on break by the time I located them which was probably a good thing for me, but it was interesting to see the machine and get an idea of the usual pricing. Do I really need a BIA? Well, maybe.....???? I do have a birthday coming up and it IS on May 11th which also happens to be Mother's Day. Perhaps I will make a few subtle hints to my dear husband that I am buying myself one for my b-day/Mother's Day. I love making journals and have seen some adorable little books done with coasters and the BIA...but do I really, really need one? Hmmmm.....please feel free to send me a comment with your opinion on the BIA and why you recommend that I get one! ;-)


Kay said...

I can't believe you started a blog and didn't tell me! I'm a little late to the party, but now I've found you, I'll be a regular stalker :)

Faith said...

I just saw your blog also. Great Kitchen!! Did you get a Bind it All yet?? I love having mine when I think of things I can make on spur of the moment inspiration. There are also so many blank chipboard items out there that can be Bind it All...lol...lol But, if you like to just buy the ready made books and such (I still do anyway "cause I love them) and be ready to craft and stamp, that's the way to go. I love to make stuff, so buying one was easy for me. Now trying to pick between the Bind it All and the Rubi Coil was hard!!! I love the look of both. I'm saving up for the Rubi now..lol..lol I guess with all this rambling on, I mean to say, if you like to make stuff and have gadets... Buy, buy, buy... If you like to pick up and stamp, buy the premade stuff...

Lol...Lol Just me,

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