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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a little "sneak peek" of new catalogue goodies for you

This is what it looked like when the nice "Man from Brown" showed up at my door earlier this month with my new catalogue pre-order....I was so happy to see him that I think I scared Mr. Brown! (see photo on earlier post) but I've been having a lot of fun playing with my new toys and since all of the stamps are diecut I had them mounted in no time flat! What do you think of the new In Colors paper all lined up in a row...it has since been opened up and gleefully used for convention swaps! ;-)
I would love to say that my stamp room is all neat and tidy and that all of my new toys have been lovingly put away into their new home but my Mom told me to always tell the truth! So, even though the above scene was of my dining room table, the stamps and etc. in the picture are now downstairs in the stamp room but not a whole lot tidier. They have been organized and pulled out then re-organized and pulled out again multiple times. Right now my stamp table is covered with lots of stuff because I have convention swaps in progress...messy but fun! The only trouble is that I tend to loose track of things....for example, my new Sock Monkey stamp set is hiding from me. That ornery monkey!!! I went to pull that set off the "new stuff" display table today and lo and behold, Mr. Monkey has gone missing! I'm going to have to borrow the set from a friend this evening so I can finish a swap project but if this is the way monkeys behave then I'm glad that we only have dogs!
I will start taking pictures of some of my convention swaps to share them with you before I head out for Salt Lake City and the annual convention early next week. In the meantime, BIG NEWS from Stampin' UP! today...they announced that they will begin offering online ordering from the SU catalogue (via demonstrator business website) in the near future. Of course, I always love to hear from my customers but this way if anyone gets a "wild hair" and decides she needs a few stamps in the middle of the night, it's no problem at all! ;-) We will be learning more about this new option tomorrow. Jan

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Doris said...

wow wow! sooo cute things! I wish, one day "Man in Brown" will apear in my door with such package! :)

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