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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more photos from Memento Mall

Here are some more pictures from Memento Mall.

Not sure how they are going to load, I am having problems with figuring out this whole blogger thing with the uploads, guess I should post more often?

BUT here is what I am trying to upload.

A picture of me with Angie "Chic'n scratch" blog fame....yes, apparently I am a blog stalker now! But she was so sweet to chat with in line for the register and posed for a picture with me as well as posing for a picture with her beautiful quilt.

There is another picture of some of the MM items.

A laptop bag and matching craft tote....limit of one of these per demonstrator and I love it so don't bother emailing me to beg me to swap for my bag. ;-)

There is a cute little black "pop up" trash container...so cool! I didn't even see them until I was in line so I had to run back and grab one.

There is a beautiful filigree style Christmas ornament with a clear circle insert for a photo or a stamped image....limit one per demo on these, I am hoping to be able to get a few more of those later in the week.

Some REALLY cute recycle type tote bags...LOVE these!!

The orange bag is our convention bag this year....cute pattern, it's a vinyl material with a pink inside. I'm hoping it will grow on me?


Lola G. said...

Thanks for bringing us there electronically! I'm with you on that convention bag -- it sure is a bit, shall we say........bright?

Enjoy your adventures!

stampylisa said...

Jan, if it doesn't grow on you, I'd do a CDO trade w/you.... ;) winky wink wink. I LOVE that bag and haven't been able to afford convention since 2004 :(

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