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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Glimmer hearts just for you

Here is the second card from my "Filled With Love" Valentine class....when I first saw the new Red Glimmer paper from Stampin' Up! I wasn't sure what, if anything, I would do with it.  I hadn't planned to buy any but SU took care of that...when we attended the Leadership Conference in Nashville earlier this month they gave EACH of us a free package as a
"prize patrol" gift (yes, really....about 1000 squealing demonstrators, just try to imagine that scenario!  I'll see if I can find a photo of that to share..but don't hold your breath, I am not know for setting speed records) Anyway, once I had my own Glimmer paper, that was the end of it.  Usually I am a bit of a "hoarder" with paper with or without glitter but once I started playing, it was just like they say in the SciFi movies, "resistance is futile".  What great stuff!  It's shimmery like normal glitter but unlike my favorite Dazzling Diamonds glitter (or the dress I wore at my son's wedding last summer!) it doesn't shed sparkles all over everything.  Isn't that great?  A little bit goes a long long way but oh my, does it ever brighten up a card!  

This particular card was orignally designed by Mary Fish of  Stampin' Pretty Pals ( http://www.stampinpretty.typepad.com )

but I changed it up a bit to suit the tools I had available.  In the first photo, the sentiment had slipped off a bit and I didn't notice it until after I had uploaded all of the photos to my blog.  I only point that out because I didn't want you to think I am a sloppy stamper. But I realized before the class that more than just regular adhesive was needed to keep the sentiment attached to the Glimmer Paper so I tried Stampin' Dimensionals which did the trick nicely, there is a close up of the card to the right.  This card used just the right amount of Glimmer Paper....a little rectangle here and a few punched hearts there provided the perfect touch of sparkle.  Do you see it all?  A rectangle in the middle, a small heart inside the "O" of LOVE and a teeny tiny little heart in the top corner of the punched out XL heart.   Rather than waste a square of Glimmer Paper for nothing but punching, I got sneaky and punched the hearts out of a corner of the Glimmer Paper rectangle then hid the punched out portions under the scalloped shape.  Pretty sneaky trick. eh?  Once in a while my thrifty Welsh heritage comes out and I just can't help myself!  

Over here on the right side of the page you can see the inside of the card....I couldn't decide what to use and then I remembered the Word Play stamp set.  Sure enough, this little sentiment is the perfect fit for the glitter heart card, I stamped it on the inside with Real Red ink and now this little card is good to go.

Please check back later to see the rest of my projects from the Filled With Love Valentine class...I would love to hear what you think about them and thanks for looking!  

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